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The monitor on the back of the Nikon D2x camera is big and sharp enough to watch a movie, if there were a DVD slot on the D2x. It's a shame to waste that beautiful monitor by not using it often. With the massive battery capacity of the D2x, it won't hurt to use it whenever you'd like.

One of the coolest things I've found on my D2x is the slide show feature. After a few hours shooting in the Great Smoky Mountains, I'll often find a nice local restaurant and sit down for a meal. During the meal, I appreciate a little entertainment, so I set my D2x up for a nice slideshow. As my mouth is feasting on steak and potatoes (or a burger and fries), my eyes are feasting on a display of all my beautiful images. Ahhhhhh!

I know that I've helped Nikon sell dozens of DSLRs from all the people who walk by and stop to watch the show. You just don't see something like a portable slide show every day.

To set your D2x up to do a slide show is pretty easy. Why not pick up your D2x now, and let's walk through the setup and use of the Slide Show feature. Make sure you have a card inserted with a few images on it for testing the slide show.

There are a couple of decisions you must make initially. You must decide the "frame interval" for how long each image will be displayed, and how the camera will handle images with Voice Memo recordings.

Initial Slide Show Setup (see details below)

  1. Open Playback menu (first menu on top)
  2. Select Slide Show
  3. Select Frame Interval
  4. Select 2 to 10 seconds display time for each image
  5. Select Audio Playback
  6. Select On
  7. Select Length of Voice

Let's now examine each of the Initial Slide Show Setup steps. First, we must get to the Playback menu. To start, press the MENU button, then toggle left with the thumb toggle switch, and toggle up until the Playback Menu shows. select Slide show.

With Slide Show selected, toggle to the right and you'll see the Slide show screen. Toggle down and select Frame interval.

Toggle to the right and the Frame interval screen will show, with its selection of seconds from 2 to 10. Select one of the intervals. I use 2 s or two seconds myself, because I usually have a lot of images, and find two seconds is enough to view an image. Some may like more, so you can select all the way out to 10 seconds

Now that you've made a selection of the number of seconds each image will be displayed during the slide show, the display jumps back to the Slide show screen. Now select Audio playback.

Toggle to the right on the Audio playback selection and the Audio playback screen, with its On or Off selections will display.

Select On and toggle to the right. Now you'll see the Audio playback Frame interval and Length of voice screen. I normally select Length of voice here. If you select Frame interval the voice memo will start to play but will be cut off if the time runs out and the D2x switches to the next image. If Length of voice is selected, the slide show will pause long enough to hear the entire Voice Memo Recording before switching to the next image.

Congrats! You have completed the setup, and now your D2x is Slide Show Enabled! See pages 157-160 for other features of the slide show.

Use the steps below anytime you want to do a slide show.

To start a slide show (see first two images above)

  1. Open Playback menu
  2. Select Slide Show
  3. Select Start

Why manually scroll through all those hundreds of images, when you can sit back, relax, and watch a slide show on your favorite camera. Even your voice memo recordings will add to the presentation.

Your friends will love it, and think more of you for having such a cool camera. Your clients will appreciate your skill even more if you show them a display during a pause in the event you are shooting.

Use the marvelous (and enviable) new high-resolution display on your D2x for showing off your sharp and colorful images. Nikon has made it easy with the new Slide Show capability built into your D2x. Use it often!

Keep on capturing time...

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