Nikon D2X vs. Nikon D2Xs
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Digest of additional new D2Xs features:

  1. Refined automatic viewfinder mask for High-Speed Crop Mode usage. (Grays out area surrounding crop)
  2. Even better “calibrated” 2.5” LCD Image Monitor. (Wider 170 degree viewing angle like the D200)
  3. Adobe RGB is available in all three color modes.
  4. New Black & White sRGB mode.
  5. In-camera "trimmable" JPEG images for immediate website or e-mail usage. (640x480, etc.)
  6. Uses 3-D Color Matrix II metering in High-Speed Crop Mode within cropped frame only for more accurate cropped metering.
  7. New "easier-to-read" color scheme for menu displays.
  8. Incremental ISO settings between 800 ISO and Hi-1.
  9. Updated AUTO ISO with greater range and functionality for fast photography.
  10. New 2500mAH EN-EL4a battery with extended life of up to 3800 images. ( YES, it's also compatible with the D2X, D2H, and D2Hs ).
  11. Focus Tracking with Lock On, now time delay configurable.
  12. Up to 60 frames in JPEG burst mode.
  13. Three custom tone curves instead of one.
  14. FUNC button has expanded functionality.
  15. New Sensor Cleaning Mode keeps the mirror and shutter open without needing an AC adapter.
  16. Image Verification with new Image Authentication software. (Proves pictures are not altered)
  17. Recent Settings Menu can now be locked or cleared.
  18. D2Xs camera settings can be saved to compact flash card for backup purposes, or uploading to a different D2Xs.
  19. USB cable port has new lock to hold cable in place better.
  20. Improved Autofocus functionality. (Improved tracking, Faster Dynamic-area AF subject acquisition rate, Less lens focus hunting).

    I notice that most of the new features could easily be installed in the older Nikon D2X with a software upgrade. Will Nikon give us one?
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