Where's the Card Dad?
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Having "Digital" Darrell as a father has warped my poor eight-year old son, Ethan!

I always keep a small "film" Nikon sitting on top of the piano, for family snapshots. Today, my son decided he would take a few pictures of the family. When he was done, he proceeded to open the back to "get the card" for transferring to the computer.

But, being a film camera, he couldn't find the card. All he found was this weird looking sprocketed celluloid thing all wound around a spool. So he brings it over to me and says, "Daaaad, I can't find the card."

Of course, when he sees the horror in my eyes, he steps back, unsure what he has done wrong. I exclaim vigorously, "Ethan, you can't open the back of a FILM CAMERA with film inside!!!!!!"

He says, "Why not, I held it face down so dust wouldn't get inside!"

I hugged him! What else could I do?

Keep on Capturing Time...

Ethan with his "digital" Nikon Coolpix 990
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