When Will My Digital Camera Be Obsolete?
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Why is a digital camera "obsolete" in three years, even though it still takes great pictures? In fact, it isn't!

There may be newer cameras available that have more and better megapixels, but if your digital camera makes great 8x10s now, will it stop doing so when the next generation of cameras come out? Nope!

If you buy a good quality digital camera you have a tool you can use until YOU are ready to buy something new. Please do not listen to those claiming that any digital camera is obsolete quickly. I bought my wife a 3.3 megapixel Nikon CoolPix 990 back in 2000. It has been traded down through the family for over five years now, and is still taking pictures that can be easily made into an 8x10. It is not yet obsolete, and won't be until it dies, or 8x10 images are too little to use. (when will THAT be?)

I bought a Nikon D100 6.1 megapixel DSLR in August 2002 and used it up until March of 2005 when I bought a Nikon D2x. Is my D100 now obsolete? NO! My 14-year old daughter is using it constantly, and will be for many more years. She has no professional photography aspirations, and will be perfectly satisfied with 6-megapixel output for many years to come.

I don't even plan on buying another personal digital DSLR until maybe 2008 or 2010, but, even then, I'm sure that my D2x will be just as capable of a 16x20 print as it is now. And, unless 16x20 size becomes merely a snapshot, my D2x will be right there pounding out perfectly usable images by 2010's standards. Nikon surely makes cameras with enough quality to last 20 years or more. Use your digital camera until you decide you want another. If anyone says it is obsolete, just show them a few pictures it makes and ask are these pictures in some way obsolete?

Do not worry about camera upgrades! When you finally decide to get a new camera, then do it, and hand your old camera down to a young family member.

It is fun to want a new camera, though. It gives you something to crave and keeps you out of trouble. I mean, you could be gambling your money away instead of buying cool Nikon stuff. Nikon Acquisition Syndrome (NAS) is a protection! I look at a camera purchase the same way I look at a car purchase. When I am tired of my old car, I sell it and buy another one. Until then, it works just fine. Cameras last at least as long as cars, and usually significantly longer!

So, if you get NAS, and must buy a new camera, well, that is your business. But, it does not make your old camera obsolete unless YOU want it to be!

And always remember, NAS is good for you...full of vitamins, minerals, and skin softening agents! And, it makes hair grow too! Buy a Nikon.

Keep on capturing time...

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