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You just spent how much on a new Nikon DSLR, and you've found what you consider to be a a clear problem. When you photograph underexposed light bulbs, you've found some weird banding, your autofocus seems to focus on anything but your subject, or your heartbeat makes your images blurry!

I know how you guys and gals feel. It CAN be quite frustrating to find a problem with your new digital Nikon delight. But, try to have confidence that Nikon will make things right; and in a reasonable time. They're one of the world's best camera and lens companies, after all. Economically, they can't afford to mess it up too badly. They've a great track record to protect!

This Digital Imaging is new technology, and, as such, is fraught with unseen dangers. Similarly, that's why airplane manufacturers don't just create a new airplane, and then start selling it immediately. First they hire crazy brave guys to go fly the new airplanes and make sure the wings won't just fall off right away. If they live through the few first flights, then the airplane starts looking more reasonable as a vehicle. Later, the new, somewhat tested airplane is released to the general public, and for a few years the public finds flaws, such as a rudder that locks up when you turn 30 degrees to the right while revving the left engine. Less experienced pilots find ways to fly that the manufacturer never thought of. After a few deadly crashes, the worst bugs are worked out, and the plane is a success.

We are the crazy brave guys flying the new high-tech digital cameras. We get to experience our lenses exploding into flames, and our light meters poking out our eyes. Film cameras have been around for 150 years. Usable digital cameras have been around for about 15 years, with most growth coming in the last 5 years. Film cameras are mature, digital cameras ARE NOT! With cameras, at least we don't die when we find bugs. In the worst case, we might have a stroke or heart attack when we see that the wedding we just shot is out of focus, or the bride is wearing a newly corduroy dress. But, usually, we go on with life, and the company eventually makes it right, or dumps the line and starts over.

Nikon has a great track record with their film cameras. Now they have entered an entirely new realm...digital imaging. The digital camera bodies are still tough as nails, and the ergonomics are great, but, they now contain computer microprocessors and lots of software algorithms. Bugs are simply BOUND to happen. It is inevitable! It takes time to fix these bugs, and since we have no good way to communicate with Nikon, we simply sit and boil, over our expensive cameras with an "obvious" flaw.

Have we not learned anything from software companies, with their buggy operating systems and programs? How many times has your computer locked up, crashed, blown data, made squealing noises and died? Mine does it about twice per year, and NO BRAND of computer or operating system has been better than any other in my experience. All the digital components are made in the same three factories in Thailand and China, and programmed by the same twenty-six guys in India.

Today, our cameras are computers, and we, as smart camera operators find bugs in them. Well, such is the digital life. It isn't going to stop soon. NO CAMERA COMPANY DOES IT ANY BETTER THAN NIKON! All other camera manufacturer's are suffering from these same new problems. Just examine the forums out there in Google land.

I'm happy with my Nikon D2x, along with the D200, D100, D70, and D50 that my family members use. I'm a Nikon user, and have been for years. I've tried the other brands, often, and don't like the ergonomics of their camera bodies. Nor, do I like many of the lenses the other guys make.

I like Cessna airplanes, Logitech webcams, Epson printers, Jeep cars, Microsoft software, and Nikon cameras. I have a choice, and I choose the ones I want. For MY cameras, I choose Nikon. I'm willing to be a beta tester of new cameras and buy them hot off the newest assembly lines. I'll pay the highest prices, get the newest goodies, and suffer the newest bugs. The goodies outweigh the bugs!

So, when you find that next autofocus bug, or your camera meter bursts into flames, just remember this blog and try to smile. Next year's camera will have 100 new features, and even MORE bugs. This applies to ALL camera brands with no exceptions! I still choose Nikon.

Keep on capturing time...

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