The Fear of Film is Upon Me!  
©Darrell Young  
Recently I've been shooting various events with my digital camera. My film camera has become an emergency backup. For instance, I shot a graduation ceremony for a school the other day, and a day or two later, a building dedication ceremony. In addition, I've been using digital more and more at weddings.

At the graduation ceremony, I elected to go digital ALL THE WAY for the first time. I shot maybe 15 film images of the most important shots, and 200 digitals.

When it came time for the building dedication, I was in a quandry. The owners definitely wanted me to shoot film. I brought out my film camera and was shooting with it. I shot about 125 images on film, and maybe 30 on digital. My quandry was this...

I was afraid...

How could I tell if my images were coming out okay? Was the film advancing properly? Was the flash powerful enough for that group shot? Could I still change film fast enough not to miss the important shots? Fear was upon me. What happened to the 30 years of experience in crafting film images? Why am I afraid? Sigh!

My digital camera is comforting. I can see the image. I can see the flash range. No film is advancing to worry about.

I can shoot 107 RAW images before I have to change digital "film." In an emergency, I can switch to JPEG mode and get hundreds more images. I can show the little images on the camera's LCD screen to the client from time-to-time. I can tell when I have the look I want. I can immediately destroy the bad ones to save space. I can experiment with different styles of lighting and get immediate feedback. Shooting in RAW mode makes an image that has a 3-stop range (RAW CCD data), so that I can make all sorts of changes in Photoshop®. No scanning!

At weddings, I can show the images immediately after the event to the family. I've even done a slide-show of the ceremony, for the new bride and groom, during the reception. I can do a slide show on my laptop computer almost immediately after any event. Sales increase immediately!

My world has changed! I feel perfectly comfortable using film for scenics and images where I can take some time. But, for action photos and irreplaceable images I will use digital primarily, and only backup with film. The digital quality is high enough. The cost is more reasonable. My expensive film cameras are gathering dust. Imagine that!

Keep on capturing time...

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