On Playing My Guitar
©Darrell Young  

Spruce and rosewood grain warm my eye as I remove her from her case. As I touch her strings I feel music within me, and she responds by singing with her smooth melodious voice. My fingers trace patterns on her neck as she vibrates in my arms. The room lights up with the harmony of six strings and a voice, singing as one. Can emotion be expressed in sound? Yes, it can!

We are one as only man and instrument can be. From my heart I bring up music, she sounds it with emotion. She responds to my touch by opening the air with warm vibrations. My very soul vibrates in response. My bones within feel the resonance of her, and cause my fingers to move with the expertise of endless hours of musical expression.

My guitar allows me to open my soul to the world. I can express my feelings in sound. When I’m tired she invigorates me. When I’m sad, she comforts me. When I’m glad, she sings from her heart, and mine. Warm wood, cool bronze, moving sound.

How does she do it? How does she reach inside of me and bring out wonderful things? How does she reflect my feelings so well? I do not know, nor do I care. She is there! The axe is family. My guitar!

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