Learning to Play the Cello
©Darrell Young

I've played several instruments in my life.

In each I tried to find a way to express myself. I found a degree of satisfaction in the guitar, and the saxophone, but was limited to certain styles of music. I played bluegrass, popular music, even some classical, but was never satisfied with the range and emotion of my instrument. The piano was a very satisfying instrument, since it had an incredible range and the ability to express deep emotion. But, I wanted to carry my music with me, to play in groups, to entertain myself, and friends in their homes.

Unless they had a piano, that wasn't possible. So, I kept looking. Finally…finally, I found it…the cello!

As I would listen to music, I kept hearing a deep, rich, emotional sound that would at times make tears well up, or at least bring a happy feeling to my soul. The cello was making that sound! If you listen to a beautiful piece of music being played, you too will hear the cello. It sets the tone for the entire orchestra, large or small. I wanted to learn that marvelous sound. I must learn the cello!

Then, I thought to myself, "how can I afford to buy a cello to take lessons?" I looked in shops and found that they cost from several hundred to several thousand dollars. I was sad, but pressed on in trying to find a way to buy a nice instrument. I found a way! Through the Internet I was able to acquire a beautiful cello for only about $250.00. It was a hand-carved cello made of the proper woods, and with a marvelous sound. Now, I was set. I found my instrument, and was ready to find a teacher.

Being an emotional fellow, I would not be happy with just any teacher. I wanted one who had many years of real symphony experience, and who understood the incredible power of the cello. I talked to instructors, and was disappointed to find mostly people who were more concerned with making money than teaching me to play with feeling. Finally, I contacted the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and asked for advice. "Who do you know," I asked, " that can give me more than lessons. What teacher can teach me to make music with real feeling and emotion?" I was given a short list of teachers that play on the orchestra. I called and spoke with several, and finally decided on a teacher. Ildar Huziakhmetov…

Ildar is a classical musician trained in ancient European ways. He has played in symphony orchestras the world over, and is now playing for the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. Ildar started playing at age eight, and has played full time since then. He is a master of the cello. Not only is he able to teach you or your child to play the cello, but, he will show you how to play with emotion. He'll help you play in a way that makes people close their eyes and smile. But, Ildar only accepts a limited number of students -- really, apprentices -- in the art of cello. You could be one of those, if you are a person who understands the emotion of music, or wants to.

I am writing this testimonial in deep appreciation of the cello and my teacher. I hope you decide go down the path of musical art, by learning to play the cello. It will be a treasure for you, like it is for me.
Call Ildar today!

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