Is Film Dying?  
August 1, 2003
©Darrell Young    

One year ago my photography changed! I bought my first digital SLR, a Nikon® D100.

Up until then I'd been using 35mm, along with medium format. My wife had been using a Nikon® CoolPix 990 for a year or two, and, although I was impressed with the nice images she was getting, the camera was too slow, and wouldn't take all my expensive Nikkor lenses.

I promised myself that I would not move into the digital world until a camera came along that would make a great 8x10, use my current AF Nikkor lenses, and cost no more than a professional camera body.


Nikon® D100 - Digital SLR Camera

In 2002, it happened! The D100 was introduced in July, and I saw the first SLR digital that I would even consider. Canon also introduced a digital called the D60 about that time. Being a technology maven, I couldn't resist.

I wanted to try this new technology, so I made the investment in a D100, and awaited the UPS man. A couple of days later, it was in my hands. Since that time, my Nikon® F5 35mm film camera has seen very little use. I can't tell you how surprised I am to be reporting this. I thought my digital SLR would be a nice toy to go out and play with, but little else. I shot a wedding with my F5 and a Nikon N80 backup. I also brought along my D100, just to see what it felt like. My photographic life was changed that day.

About half way through the wedding I found myself greatly enjoying the little viewscreen on the back of my D100 that showed me all the pictures I was taking. I could compose, shoot, and review. That is powerful. Instead of wondering if my film was winding correctly, or if everyone's eyes were open in that last shot, I could simply look at the image when it appeared on my viewscreen.

Now, a year later, I have become completely addicted to digital photography. And, I'm not alone. In running around the internet I see that the most active forums in the camera websites are the digital forums. I read somewhere that film camera sales were down 37% in 2002. Then a few days ago, I heard on the radio that Kodak® was closing most of its Rochester New York film manufacturing due to lack of consumer demand for film. They seem to be switching to digital card and camera manufacturing. My Lexar (LEXR) stock (digital camera media cards) has gone up 600% in the last few months.

My wife and kids all use digital now. Even my 64-year old mom has switched. What's going on? It seems like a shift of major proportions to me. Film is indeed dying. It will take several years to do so, but it is on the way out. There are still a lot of film diehards, so it's not going to happen fast, but it will happen.

DVD is gradually replacing VHS. CDs have mostly replaced LP records. Digital photography seems to be doing the same to film photography. The most powerful consumer market in the world has noticed digital photography. Market demand is switching. It's only a matter of time!

Keep on taking digital pictures...

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